It’s nearly the end of 2008 and while I don’t remember the great depression, it feels like we are in one now.  I had a guest ticket to an upcoming seminar— Millionaire Mind Intensive, with someone named T. Harv Eker.  I was invited by my friends who owned an independent body shop who actually seemed to be doing very well these days.

Skeptical that I would be inundated with books, tapes and, future seminar fees, I lagged behind with anticipation as we gathered in the room.  My friends picked seats up front, not where I wanted to sit.  This Eker guy wasn’t going to help me.  I was void of help.  I was stuck in a human resources job for a small company that had no advancement.  What was he going to do?  Call my boss and make him give me a raise?

As we grabbed bottles of water and waited for T. Harv Eker to tell us all about his Millionaire Mind Intensive scam—that’s how I thought about it—as a scam, I thought about my friends and their company.  We live in a very small town of 7,000 people and the economy was in the toilet, but they were making money and not just that—they were different, they were bright and full of life. I know it sounds weird, but they even walked like they had something powerful, something others wanted.  Okay, now I knew it, they had been brainwashed!

At first, I got a headache from the applause in the room as Mr. Eker entered to share his Millionaire Mind Intensive secret.  Then I noticed that while I was slouching in my chair, everyone around me was sitting at attention—they were very focused.  Mr. Eker’s voice was commanding and hard to turn away from.  Even if I tried, my mind would listen to him and I began to hang on his every word.  Maybe he could do something for me?

Yes, he agreed the economy, or more importantly, the economy in our small town was down and low and the outlook bleak.  Then I suddenly thought, “He’s trying to raise money for city council!”  I was wrong.  What did the town’s economy have to do with my economy?  He said this and while I didn’t believe it, I found it to be prudent and it gave me pause to listen more.

Again, my thoughts turned to my friends. They started their body shop in a rundown rented facility and now, only two years later, they were in a brand new building they owned and were considered “the” body shop in town.  Even more impressive, they were hiring people—it seemed like every week!  I suddenly felt that the Millionaire Mind Intensive seminar could help me too.  I thought about what I really wanted my life to be like and remembered how I used to dream of things that seemed so unattainable now.

How can my own economy be different from the town I live in?  In minutes, I realized that I was caught in a trap of believing the situation around me.  I was stuck in downturn and it was my own fault.  I should have been angry with Mr. Eker for pointing this out, but I truly wasn’t.  Actually, T. Harv Eker lifted my spirits that very moment.  He was talking about me, not me in general, but everyone like me.  The people who want to be different but don’t know how so they just give up. 

Had I given up?  No, I thought, nor was I too old to give up.  I needed guidance and the right kind.  I had to totally change the way I looked at EVERYTHING in my life.  It would not be necessary for me to continue to live the way I did forever.  That realization was enough alone.  The inspiring Millionaire Mind Intensive guy T. Harv Eker was telling me how I could change.  And it wasn’t a program that took year after year after year of baby steps, it could start now and I could achieve things right away.

I’m not saying I prospered or changed overnight and became exactly like my business owner friends.  After all, they worked at it before I did and were ahead of me.  But the most important thing was that I had hope now.  I knew that the power of the mind and the thoughts we actually let rule our minds can bring devastating destruction.

I walked out of there feeling so uplifted.  I don’t want to sound like I just came from a place of worship and finally found God!  Just attending one seminar, one evening and, listening to T. Harv Eker’s Millionaire Mind Intensive words changed me.  My thoughts on the drive home were racing.  That night, I sought out his website and found out that to Mr. Eker, failure of his clients is not an option.

Okay, you’re still skeptical—after all, I was, remember?  I thought we were there to donate money!  Rejuvenated I ordered Mr. Eker’s first book and joined his company where associates of all sorts gave me the tools to succeed, to change—to live.  I’m still on my way there, but I can see that if I had never gone to the Millionaire Mind Intensive seminar, I wouldn’t be telling you about this—I still be eating an apple for dinner, going to bed at 9:00 pm and starting my same dull days over and over again.  Someone said “don’t knock something until you try it” and “don’t judge another until you walk in their shoes.”

I suggest the Millionaire Mind Seminar and all the tools that come with it to those people.  Fulfillment must come from within, not from outside sources that constantly tell you that you will fail and the odds are against you.  Only your mind is against you, your thought process and with time, you’ll be just like me, a person with absolute achievable goals, a different financial blueprint, and a light of strength to go on.



11/26/2008 02:49

Hi Kaylee Palinza

I would like to get in touch with you, please write me an email.

Thank you & looking forward to hear from you soon.

You've a millionaire mind!


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