Thought i'd make post for the people in Europe who may have come across my blog and never thought they could attend a millionaire mind intensive because its based in the US... Well it looks like that is about to change because T. Harv Eker is coming to the UK this spring - from the 3rd – 5th April 2009, at ExCel London.

It doesn't seem to be as widely advertised over there as it is here in the U.S and Canada - not sure if its because its the first seminar he's hosting or if its because people haven't heard much of him over there... In any case... im sure most people who's attended an MMI will agree with me when i say its an extraudinary seminar and for the minimal price you have to pay for the three days... its definately worth it.

I also think they've put the price down because last time i checked it was £350 to attend but checked earlier today and it seems they have dropped the price to £125. Here's the link where i found that information from:



04/14/2009 20:36

I see T Harv was visiting from the 3rd – 5th April. Wondering how that went. Wish I was there

04/16/2009 04:51

T Harv Eker is coming to the UK again in September, i believe the 11th - 13th (Fri ~ Sun) so dont fear that you missed it... :)

I went and absolutely loved it, bringing a few friends with next time. I have heard the seminar is some how free this time around but not sure. You can keep yourself updated at

04/22/2009 10:26

is there any chance to INDIA???

Please let meknow

Geoff Prentice
08/02/2009 03:52

This type of seminar can be a real turn on or turn off depending what your mindset is.

People go execting a guru is gonna solve their problems for them by waving some sort of magic wand.

They are seminar junkies who jump from place to place but never DO anything.

This type of training is brilliant if you are a doer. You can meet lots of soulmates who, just like you, want to use their minds and positive attitudes to make a difference in their lives.

I am a bit of a junkie, but I get value because I network and actually put the stuff into practice.

10/06/2009 16:30

when is the next millionaire mind intensive seminar in the uk?? dont want to miss it again, please let me know
Rashieda, London

01/18/2010 05:26

Hi Rashieda,

I believe the next Millionaire Mind Intensive is to be held the 19th - 21st February 2010 at the Hilton London Metropole.

You should got, its brilliant...

Its £29 and you get so much out of it. Thinking of going again for a refresher. :)

You can get more info about the seminar at


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