A quick note for people in Australia who may be curious to attend the Millionaire Mind Intensive (MMI ) Seminar, and haven't done so yet because of the distance...

Well.. its good news for you, because it seems like T. Harv Eker is coming to Australia later on this year (2010).

The first Millionaire Mind seminar will be held in Sydney on the 3-5th September and the second MMI Seminar will be held in Melbourne 17th-19th September.

The price is currently AUD $68 - not sure whether it will go up or down or if it will stay at that price.

It truly is a great seminar... actually that's an understatement... its absolutely brilliant so for that tiny pricy for a whole 3 days of unbeatable financial education, especially in these turbulent times, I'd recommend you mark the date for Millionaire Mind Intensive Australia in your diary... ;)

The website where I found the info from is: http://www.MMIAustralia.com

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    Thought I'd add this blog to the Millionaire Mind Intensive Weebly page I created...  Feel free to contribute with your own comments and thoughts of the seminar here... maybe share your experiences and what you learned from it etc. Several opinions are always better than just one! :) See you around!


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